Resources & Support

ihtasiwin (family, a number of related individuals)

Student Resources & Support

BSEC supports its students by meeting them where they are at.

We help them find the resources they need to learn the things they want to learn in a way that works for them.

BSEC provides opportunities for students to get support for their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. We care about more than just studying and homework – we believe that removing a student’s barriers to learning will make learning more accessible. At BSEC, support looks like:
  • maintaining mental and physical health
  • making sure students can get to school
  • helping with housing, legal and job opportunities
  • modifying teaching methods as needed
  • being a safe space for 2SLGBTQIA+
  • providing opportunities for Indigenous cultural and spiritual connection
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Supports Available

We understand that intergenerational trauma affects more than just the student – it’s reach includes the entire family. We have connections to many support services in Edmonton and can provide guidance on finding the right services for you.

 A few of these services include:

  • Academic, personal & cultural
  • Access to funding and resources
  • Legal assistance
  • Access to counselling psychologist and addictions counsellor
  • Daily smudges
  • Weekly talking circles
  • Monthly sweats (pending restrictions)
  • Quarterly pipe ceremonies 
  • Indigenous school counsellor
  • Self-paced and one on one learning supports
  • Academic counselling
  • Learning assessment psychologist
  • Student success plans for every student
  • Free breakfast and lunch
  • Free transportation
  • Bi-weekly access to school doctor
  • Job search assistance
  • Housing supports
  • Animal-assisted therapy
At BSEC, our teachers and admin staff are committed to providing a learning environment that understands that our students' experiences may require a more customized approach to learning. Our students are our first priority, so we provide opportunities for them to experience school in an engaging, exciting way that puts their interests and skills first.

Parent Council

More details to come. Our Administration is available to answer questions or meet with you to learn more about the school. Please contact us at