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nîci-kiskinwahamawâkan (fellow student, schoolmate)

Find your class schedule, transit routes, and a wide range of resources and services.

Student Info

Interested in what a typical day will look like at BSEC? Review your class times here:

Class Time

Breakfast – 08:30 – 08:50

Block 1 – 08:45 – 09:50

Block 2 – 09:52 – 10:52

Block 3 – 11:00 – 12:00

Lunch – 12:00 – 12:40

Block 4 – 12:40 – 1:05

Block 5 – 1:07 – 2:07

Block 6 – 2:15 – 3:20

"The students are really tough. They bend a lot, but they don't break." -BSEC Student

Free Transit tickets!

At BSEC, we want to make sure that all students are supported during their time at our school, and sometimes just getting to school can be a challenge. To help make getting to and from school using public transit more convenient and accessible, we provide free transit tickets to every student.

The routes closest to BSEC include:

  • Train Stations: MacEwan (North of BSEC) Bay/Enterprise Square (South of BSEC)
  • Bus Routes: 201, 401, 411, 7, 110x, 500x 

To find all ETS bus routes and transit information, visit the City of Edmonton transit website.


Student Support Services

At Boyle Street Education Centre, we take a trauma-informed approach to education. We understand what our students have been through – drastic, life-changing events such as homelessness, physical and mental abuse, drug addiction, and poverty. We’re here to give our youth a home, where they don’t just succeed academically but feel safe, appreciated, valued, seen and heard.

BSEC offers a variety of counselling services with counsellors who have expertise in various areas including academic, cultural and personal. Additionally, Indigenous Student Services offered to students includes daily smudges, weekly talking circles, monthly sweats (pending restrictions), and quarterly pipe ceremonies.

  • Academic, personal & cultural counselling
  • Advice for student funding
  • Legal system navigation
  • Job search support
  • Housing search advice
  • Bi-weekly visits from a doctor
  • Free bus passes for every student
  • On- and Off-Campus Work Experience Program which features courses to further the students personal development, career planning and employability skills through placements in off-campus and on-campus workstations or work sites.
  • Fully modified learning plans and strategies for working with students who have FASD, ADHD, other learning disorders, and/or emotional/behavioural challenges.
  • A recognized Safe Space community in support of 2SLGBTQ+ students.