"I hope that by empowering young women with knowledge, dispelling myths, and breaking down pregnancies into manageable segments, the students will come to realize that they are in control of their lives, that they are responsible for and capable of bringing healthy babies into society, and that school is manageable, even during the trials and tribulations of adolescence and pregnancy."

A Bun In The Oven: The Unofficial Guide to Pregnancy, Education, and Resources

Page 3

"Different things work for different people so choose the ideas and strategies that will be most helpful for you. Maybe you have NOT been diagnosed with FASD but you feel that you learn differently than your friends? You may still fi nd many of the strategies in this booklet helpful. Use the information in this booklet to help you learn what it means to have FASD and learn strategies for creating the kind of healthy and happy life you want."

So You Have Been Diagnosed with FASD...Now What?

Page 8

"As the caring adult, we have to monitor our own stress and frustration level and admit to it so that it does not come out in a judgmental tone of voice. Sometimes we are successful and sometimes we are not, but it is very important when working with SWEET that we continually monitor our own well-being so that we can be present and caring towards our students even in very frustrating situations."

SWEET:The learning lives of “Students Who have Experienced Extreme Trauma"

Page 96