Our Staff

okisêwâtisiwak (kind hearted persons)

Meet our Team

Our administration, teachers and staff are all here to be your mentors and guides to help you when you need guidance and to support you as you walk your path to the future that you want. At Boyle Street Education Centre, your support system is bigger and stronger than you think! 

Our Administration team is available to answer questions or meet with you to learn more about the school. 

Meet the Staff

Meet our board

Kirstin Cardinal – Chair
Danielle Powder – Vice Chair

Dallas Cardinal
Cheyenne Mihko Kihêw
Gurkirtan Lali
Deidre Thomas

Dee Lachat 

Our Board of Directors provides guidance and leadership on the strategic direction of Boyle Street Education Centre. Our governance board is made up of highly skilled professionals who volunteer time and effort contributing their expertise, guidance, and leadership to Boyle Street Education Centre. 

We are here for you

Safe and caring schools.

Students, families/caregivers and teachers have responsibilities for ensuring welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments that respect diversity and nurture a sense of belonging and a positive sense of self. Learn more about Alberta’s practices for safe learning environments.